Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Beach Life

Now, at first glance I'm sure some of you will say "wait a minute, this looks like under the sea, not at the beach" which could be true. However, when people say Beach, the first things that go through my mind and "what turtles can I find", and "what cool shells can I find". Chances are you won't find me relaxing on a towel with a drink that has it's own private umbrella in it, I will be looking for wildlife/sea life. Whether I'm at a man made beach on a lake or river, or at the ocean it doesn't really change for me. I loved being able to showcase this fun side of my personality in this months challenge and I hope you enjoyed it too.


  1. Fabulous page, Kid-O!!! It was so fun watching you create it while you were here!!! Love the foil on the turtles!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! Love your unique perspective on the challenge this month! Love turtles! All the best from MTW! :)

  3. So fabulous! I love it! Thank you for playing with us at MTW challenge!