Sunday, August 6, 2017


After a couple months of chaos I was finally able to work on some art stuff. Deciding to get back to my weekly challenges with my mom I looked up the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, this weeks theme, food or drink. I briefly panicked cause I knew I didn't really have anything laying around that fit that theme to work with. So I decided to peruse the nearest art store and see if anything spoke to me, and something did, well a few somethings, but I only ended up using one. I decided to use a 5x7 canvas I had laying around, and began the process of the background. Layers of gesso, spray stains, mulberry paper, modeling paste, and glitter glue. I loved it more and more after each layer. Once I was satisfied with how it looked and the way the colors matched to the awesome coffee cup I found I decided to stop before I over did it lol. I added two layers of foam mounting tape and glue and placed the coffee cup where I wanted it. Overall I love how it turned out!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I had absolutely no ideas for this challenge when I started. I started going through paper stack after paper stack, ending up with a stack of about 10 papers or so. Then I started going through my stamps looking for a good quote, didn't find one but I stumbled onto the elephant you see above. Then the ideas started rolling.
I used a piece of Montana map paper, and stamped the elephant on it using sepia. I then glued that onto a standard bar style coaster. I tore off the excess paper from the coaster and then rubbed the edges on my sepia ink pad. Then I used a piece of thin cardboard and cut it to the size I wanted for my base card, covered that with one of the papers in my pile I pulled out. Then I used washi tape along the crease at the top. I took another of my bar coasters that had a cool quote on it already from a restaurant I like (Ted's Montana Grill, in case anyone was wondering), cut off the top and bottom. Then I glued everything together. I am thrilled with how well this came out. Hope you all enjoy.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Little Critters

This weeks Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Little Critters was a lot of fun. I took monkey pictures out of a story in a highlights magazine and glued them down to start. I then used Distress Oxides in green and brown to fill in the background. I stamped all the various types of leaves, and the small caterpillar. Then I used a water pen with delusions spray in it to outline some with orange. I also used colored pencils to add color to the black leaves and to the caterpillar. Then I stamped the phrase. I had a lot of fun with this page and was very happy with how it turned out.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Family = Home

For this weeks Simon Says stamp Challenge: Home Sweet Home, I decided to do a canvas incorporating one of our new family pictures. I used liquid acrylic paint on the canvas, just streaking it on there, and then highlighting some extra orange around the edges. I then stuck the picture down. I used very this wood paper and snapped it off into frame sized pieces and created the wood frame of the house around the picture. I then used some homemade fiberous paper, overlayed on a cardboard triangle for the roof. The word family is black painted cardboard letters glued on. I layer together random paper flowers that fit the color pattern, using a brad to keep them together, also making the middle of the flower look more, well flower like. Then I stuck those down and allowed everything to dry overnight. I love my family!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hip Hop

This weeks Simon Says Stamp Challenge: Hip Hop! The first thing that popped into my head was frogs, which turned into rapping frogs as the week went on. I started with an old piece of background paper I had made years ago that had a good blue, yellow and green flow to it. Then I stamped the lily pads with my memento ink pad. I used sharpies to color in the lily pads (I LOVE Sharpies!!). I stamped the frog, also with memento ink, and colored it in, also with sharpies....did I mention I love sharpies!?!? Then I cut it out, fine scissor work is not something that I like or that I am particularly good at, but I think I managed to keep it looking like a frog :) I stuck him down and then added the little music note stickers. And that ladies and gentlemen is my hip hoppin rappin frog ATC! Hope you all enjoy him.

Make A Rainbow

Last weeks Simon Says challenge was make a rainbow, however, due to being sick I didn't get it done on time. I decided to do it anyway once I felt better cause I liked the challenge. I started with an ATC sized piece of cardstock and colored it with Tim Holtz crayons, then using my finger and a little water I washed it all together to make the rainbow background. I tore away the edges, added the little star brads and then stamped the quote on. Finally I layered it on a piece of purple burlap paper cut down to ATC size. Simple and bright. Then I sent it to my mother :)

Get Lucky

I did this two page spread for Saint Patrick's Day, just hadn't gotten around to blogging it. Dilussions paints made the background, then I used white distress ink through the texture stencil for the little bit of white variation. Stamped the checkered border around the end and then used black paint around that to give it the fade to black look. I stamped get lucky and then used a thin sharpie to add the dots and lines around the letters. The clovers are made of stamped hearts that have been cut out and put together. Added the lines coming off the clovers, then added the butterfly. I considered adding more but for this one I decided that less was more and I liked it that way.